Reserve & Reforest: A Reforestation Tree for Every Reservation

In Partnership with TreesUpstate: A Reforestation Tree for Every Reservation

At The Station, we understand that your travel is not just about the journey, but also about leaving a positive imprint behind. That's why, in collaboration with TreesUpstate, we're introducing our 'Reserve & Reforest' initiative. For every booking made and completed from now through the end of January 2024, we're ensuring a tree is planted right here in Travelers Rest.

TreesUpstate's Reforestation Trees are more than just plants; they're a commitment to our environment, our future, and our community. Planted at parks and schools across the upstate, these Reforestation Trees, including species like oaks, tulip poplars, and American beech, are canopy trees designed to thrive for over a century. By choosing to stay with us, you're not just securing a memorable experience, but you're also helping plant for the future, ensuring the right tree finds the right place.

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Book a Stay, Plant a Tree

Join us in this journey, create lasting memories, and leave behind a legacy that future generations can cherish.

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